Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Are you SERIOUS?!

So this week was pretty much the same as last week. I lost half a pound both weeks (woo freaking who!) I guess it is better than gaining, but half a pound come on! It takes a long time to get back to where you want to be when you are only losing half a pound at a time!

I've kinda been slacking when it comes to exercising. I have 2 great videos, but finding time in the morning is hard and I don't want to get sweaty after I've already showered. On the downside the videos have been hurting my knees, when we were dating my husband and I were riding our motorcycle and we were hit by a pickup truck . Ever since then my knee acts up every once in a while, and the videos seem to irritate it. I have been looking for an elliptical on ebay and craigslist with no luck so far.

It has been a bit warmer over here and I took the kids for another bike ride, the hill was still horrible! I really need to find a better place to ride, I swear I almost died!

I have been eating lean cuisine panini sandwiches for lunch, eating something pre-portioned works well for me. I actually find that I am getting full before I am done with it, so I have been splitting it with my son. I'm still working on dinner, I'm trying to eat less, but it doesn't seem to do much which makes it very hard to keep up! I am eating slower now which means I am feeling full before I have consumed a ton. My daughter got a free pizza certificate from her school so we went there last week. I am so proud of myself for only eating 2 pieces of pizza (minus the bit I shared with Brody), I actually felt full and I sat there watching everyone else eat. Usually I would have crammed down another piece because it was good and we don't get it all that often. Here's hoping for a better week next time...


Julie said...

Half a pound is better than nothing!! I have a hard time with upper body excercises, because I have bursitis in both shoulders, so I can relate to your knee pain.

Praying for all of us to do the best we can with eating right, exercising, and losing weight!!

Devin said...

This is a very hard thing we are all doing. Try to stay encouraged. Julie is right--1/2 a pound is still losing! Not gaining, and more than maintaining. I didn't lose 'officially' last week either, and that was hard. It was the first time in 8 weeks I hadn't lost something. It has made me feel discouraged all week, but I am not giving up. I will continue on this path, because I know this is what is best for me!

You are doing great, and it sounds like the meals and the eating are not really the problem, more of the whole exercising thing. A couple of suggestions. What about exercising in the afternoon, and showering either right after that or before bed? (keeping in mind, of course, I know nothing about your daily schedule--this may not work at all for you, but it does wonders for me!) Also, the workout video that you do may not be the right one. Try something that is gentle on the body, such as Pilates. You can check out different workout videos from a lot of libraries/video stores for free. You could try different ones until you find one you like, then get that one!

I know it is hard, but keep going! It will only get easier the more you are consistent!