Sunday, April 13, 2008

Well THAT sucked!!

I purchased a used elliptical today and I just got off of it. Exercising really sucks! :0) I was only testing it out because I didn't want to get all sweaty before bed, but I put in 10 minutes and it said I burned 725 calories!! (...and I did get a bit sweaty) Here's hoping for at least a pound weight loss this week!

I have my show I like to watch during the day (the horror, I know) so I am hoping to use that time (I don't think I could do the whole time, we might have to work up to that!) to exercise. Maybe that way it won't seem like such a chore... My girls really like playing on the elliptical (Kylie is actually pretty good too! I'm surprised her legs can fit over it!), I pretty sure I am going to have to fight them for use of it! :0)

My heart rate was over my target heart range (no surprise there), so what's your thoughts... do I slow WAY down (I wasn't going that fast to begin with) so I stay in my range and supposedly burn more calories, or do I just chug away where I am regardless of my heart rate? Does it really matter? (I only have the hand grips to measure my heart rate, I don't know how accurate they are...) I've heard that if your heart if pumping too much your body is just working on it pumping and you aren't burning... is that a myth?

One more thing... what are your thoughts on eating? Do you only eat when you are hungry or do you eat small amounts many times a day (5-6) to keep your metabolism form slacking? I know people who believe in both, and I don't know if either way is better.