Monday, February 25, 2008

Home is SAFE

Week one has come and gone. I am working really hard. I mean, really hard. I am in that die hard mode--absolutely determined to get this weight off and quickly. Keeping myself accountable, working out, watching everything that goes in my mouth, and drinking tons of water. Week one was as bad as I thought it was going to be, and I did really good--up until Friday.

See, Friday is date night at my house. My mother comes, and stays with my 3 boys for a few hours, so that my husband and I can go to dinner, or a movie, or shopping, or whatever. It is our 'alone time' for the week, and it is wonderful. I love date night.

But, I didn't care for the challenge of date night. See, one of Shane and my favorite places to go it to a pizza restaraunt. It will be okay, I thought. I will just not eat too much.....

And I didn't. I stayed in control, even though I wanted order breadsticks (we didn't), eat another bowl of salad (I didn't--too many cals in the dressing, for crying out loud!), and eat about 6 more pieces of pizza (they cut them into really small squares at this place). I ate appropriately, I thought, for where we were and how hungry I was.

But the trouble is, I know that I still consumed a ton of calories at that meal, because I know that restaraunts aren't concerned with cutting calories. They are concerned with food tasting good.

Then, Saturday came and we decided to make an improptu trip out of town, which led to eating out all day. Ugh. I did pretty well at Chili's, (not too many chips) with a turkey sandwich, black beans and a side salad, but then it was pizza again for dinner. I only had 3 pieces (the square ones again)....even though I seriously could have eaten like, 10. For some reason, when I eat this super yummy restaraunt food, my 'full reflex' doesn't seem to work. I don't gradually feel like I am filling up....I just never feel full until I feel absolutely stuffed. It just hits me, and then I'm feeling absolutely gross. I just have to stop when I feel like I have consumed the appropriate amount of food.

Self-Control. I hate this, but I am doing it anyway.

The thing I am learning about this whole die-hard, eat right and work-out stuff? Home is my safe haven. I can control what I eat here, what is in what I eat, and I can better control how much I eat (I'm not sure why with that last one....)

Since obviously I can't stay home for the next 11 weeks or for the rest of my life, the name of the game when I go out has to be self-control.

But that doesn't mean I have to like it.


Julie said...

I am SO with you there. When I am at home, I can NOT drink pop, not over-indulge on pizza (which I LOVE, too), eat small portions of much healthier options...but get me out of the house and I have a hard time.
Fortunately we don't go out to eat often. LOL

Manda said...

Hey Devin...I totally understand the safe at home thing, but only if I don't buy the junk food at the store. Trust me, if there is anything in my house bad for me, I can find it!! =) Great job on your 3lb loss!! That is awesome and I'm sure motivating to keep going strong!