Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Any Suggestions?

Does anyone know of a website where you can type in a recipe and it will give you the nutritional information on it? I made Corn Chowder for dinner and I think it is pretty good for you, but I'm hoping I can find out more about it.

So far things aren't going so well... I haven't lost anything, and in fact I GAINED!!! Here's hoping it is just water weight! I'm going away for a girls weekend so we KNOW this next weigh in isn't going to be good either! :0) I am still going to try to watch what I am eating, but a girls weekend isn't a girls weekend without some junk food! I am trying to be good. I got a few healthier snacks for myself, and since we are each buying our own lunches I can keep them a little healthier that way I won't feel so guilty about dinner. This is my first time going (I missed the last one) so I'm not exactly sure about how this works but I guess we are all going to Walmart when we get there and we will buy stuff to make dinner. A bunch of the girls are also watching what they are eating so hopefully that will help things out, but they might count this as a weekend off... who knows. I think I am going to try one of those Lean Cuisine panini sandwich things for my lunches have any of you had them? Are they any good?

On a positive note I have been exercising 3x a week, I wish I could get in 1 more but my daughter goes to school 2 days a week and those are my errand days. Sometimes I'm helping my husband work on the house on Saturdays (or at least keeping the kids from getting in the way) and it just doesn't seem right to workout on Sunday! I did just win a bike on ebay so I am looking forward to taking the kids for bike rides soon as it gets warmer out! Granted the 8 inches of snow we got isn't helping with that! 2 of my sisters have bike trainers (they both are training for another tri) and that seems like a good idea (you put you bike on the trainer in the house (or wherever) and you can ride your bike without going anywhere like a stationary bike), I don't think that is the type of thing you'll find at a garage sale though...

The water thing is going better so far... I figured out that my water bottle holds 20 ounces so after I drink the whole bottle I put a band on it (I was thinking a rubber band, but since I packed up the desk when we switched to the new side of the house, I just used one of the girls hair rubber bands instead.) that way I can keep track of if I am drinking enough. It still doesn't help with drinking the water, but at least I can kick myself for only having one band on and then make myself drink another.


Julie said...

I wish I could help you on that nutrition information thing, but I really don't know about that. I just try to stick with using the lowest fat ingredients I can stand (although with some things, you gotta go for the gusto) and have been trying to eat smaller portions more often. That seems to be helping me (not that I haven't cheated, but overall I'm eating much better)

You're doing way better than me with the exercise - I haven't technically exercised at all. I have been really working at cleaning though (like scrubbing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees instead of just mopping it), and RUNNING up and down my basement stairs several times a day for laundry. I think that stuff has actually helped, too. I can't get to my treadmill because Ande buried it behind a bunch of his stuff. I have to dig it out, soon.

Don't be discouraged about gaining a little - just use it as an reason to eat a little less, move a little more, and try to have fun while doing it!!

Devin said...


I think the whole portion thing has a LOT to do with losing....just eat what you used to eat, but eat 2/3 of the amount you used to. That is helping a lot with me...

I don't know of a website like that, but I am looking for something along those lines to. If I find one I will be sure to post about it.

I think we need to do a post of some good for you foods and snacks!


Mookie said...

Not real sure how this all works- Do we start with a start weight? Thank goodness it is online!!- So far, I have been cutting back on the amount of the portion size and really looking to cut the sugar and salt from the receipts-- Since the new year- i'v lost about 5 #'s- have a long way to go for that swimsuit--(And I live in them in the summer!!) I have figured out in all of this, so far, that I am really an emotional eater- I like something in my hands. :( Pam

Julie said...

So far none of us have left an actual start weight, just a goal of how much we want to lose.

We're pretty much here to support each other and offer up suggestions to help reach our goals!

Great job on the 5lbs, it's a good start!

Anonymous said...

hi ladies! I've found that using is really helpful. You can enter individual ingredients, and there is also information for some restaurants. If you can't find what you're looking for... you can always just google "calories; apple," for example, and you'll find it!

as much as you shouldn't obsess over calorie #s, it is really helpful to record them for a week or so to get a feel for it. Sometimes you'll think you're making a low-cal decision but you're not!

Good luck!