Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ladies- So sorry I have been MIA. As soon as Istarted this blog, my comupter dies at the hands of one of my kiddos( the laptop plug got bent and now the lap top holds no juice) So I will drop ya'll a quick note to say how proud I am of ya'll. And how much I need to see what ya;ll were writing. I feel off the wagon this weekend at a bachelorette party0 cookies and brownies galore, hoagie sandwiches an an early morning run for cookie dough, an Taco cabana- But it was on eheck of a good time! :) This week I am starting fresh and happy to see that WW is free reg. until the 8th of march. I think it is time I started that back up again! It is late now and my hubby needs to be using this computer for work( it is after all th reason he brought it hom ein the first place)

Talk soon!


Mookie said...

I saw you blog from reading my friend's Trish and Nate's- I am a mom in need of some friends to help in this weight thing- :( I have 9 kids, from 6 to 34. (thank goodness not all home now!) May I join your blog? Please let me know. Pamela Dawn

Devin said...


Of COURSE you can join in with us, we can use all the help we can get! I went to your profile page to look for your email address, but couldn't find it. Email me at and we will get you set up!