Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We're getting somewhere.... S L O W L Y

I'm down another pound and a half... which brings my grand total to 3 pounds (I think). But considering I gained weight right after I started trying to lose I guess I am about back where I started. I was hoping that I would have done a lot better than that since I was flat on my back sick for 2 days and hardly ate a thing. I guess you need to be sick and puking to lose weight!

We had one warmish day and I took the kids for a bike ride, this is the first year that I have had a bike, trailer, and baby seat. I was SO excited about taking them for rides until I actually did it once, I realized that I am pulling almost 100 pounds behind me!! Holy cow! There aren't sidewalks where I live and my road is kinda busy so I rode down the road and turned into a newer subdivision, I thought it would be the perfect place to ride till I had to make it up the hill on the way back home (it was a little, but VERY hard hill!). Hopefully it will get easier as I keep riding, maybe I'll try to ride when my oldest is at school so my load will be lighter till I am more used to it!


Julie said...

It's not really been warm enough here to do much outside stuff. Hoping it gets that way SOON! I don't have anything to haul my babies in with my bike, but when it does warm up, I'm hoping to take them out for walks in the stroller. There's a nice little paved walking path not too far from where we live, and I'll feel pretty safe there, since it goes around a police station!

Devin said...

I too, haul three behind me when I bike! One goes in a bike seat on top, and the other two go in the back in a bike trailor. (I even blogged about it once on my personal blog last summer! Not sure when, exactly, but I know I labeled it under family fun if you want to check it out!) It is a lot of work, but you do adjust to the weight and it is a GREAT workout! I too can not wait for the weather to finally break to get outside and GET MOVING!